App Tours
Stuck behind a desk or at school? On occasion, Mike will conduct special tour events using Periscope and other fun apps Everyone needs a field trip now and then!
One if by Tours

We offer tours throughout our favorite places in the United States.  Check out all of our offerings.

One if by Land Adventures is the official site of ITMI certified Tour Guide/Tour Director Mike Fowler.  Here you will find information about tours and even experience a virtual tour through my archived videos.  Ready to hit the road?

One if by Blog

Sit down and read a story or two about our travels 

One if by Videos

Join us as we road trip across the United States in search of the places in which our history was made.  We might not have a time traveling Delorean, but we'll get you there the best we can.

The Teaching Vault

Explore some of the lessons and resources from the teaching days.  Sort of a greatest hits collection.

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Little Paul and Friends

Little Paul is quite the traveler and has visited many sites from American history.  He'd be glad to share his experiences.  Also, don't call him a doll.  He's an action figure. He's kinda sensitive about that.