Hi everyone, if you have landed here then you must at least have a little bit of curiosity about who I am.  

I was an American History teacher for 18 years and always sought to make our history something not just to be learned but experienced.  We would investigate the Boston Massacre through the lens of a CSI detective, put historical figures on mock trial and create, create, create.

During my time as a teacher, I often sought out any opportunity to take my students on the road to learn history. We made an annual pilgrimage to the Boston area to trek along the Freedom Trail, experience a quiet journaling moment at Walden Pond, and go on the hunt for witches in Salem.  

​We also went to Civil War reenactments, and hit the road to go to Andersonville National Historic Site for a specially designed experience. During those trips we had the pleasure of attending Sunday School lessons taught by President Jimmy Carter in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.

These experiences traveling with my own students led me to guiding other schools in Washington D.C. and also designing local tours for the Tampa area.  Based upon all these adventures, I chose to leave the four walls of the classroom and become a Tour Director.

I have a simple philosophy when it come to leading groups and that it to see everything through their eyes. Never forget that sense of wonder upon seeing Mt. Vesuvius for the first time or that feeling of intense reverence while watching the changing of the guard at Arlington. I feel I owe it to my guests to be the "coming attractions" guy for their trip while ensuring that  everything is running smoothly.  

​I look forward to working with you soon.