None are scheduled at the time, but check back for updates.  Take a look at some archived Periscope tours below, along with traveler tips.

Monroeville, Alabama

Recently, I was traveling through Tennessee and since I grew up listening to old 8 tracks, yes, 8 tracks, of Patsy I was inspired to find this memorial.  Also, one of my favorite movies as a kid was Coal Miner's Daughter.  I was a strange little guy.

When I was a kid, my parents and I watched To Kill a Mockingbird and it became my favorite movie of all time. If you ever want to see me ugly cry, then just show me the last several minutes of the movie.  Later on, I read the novel in school and fell in love with that too.  I made this special pilgrimage to Monroeville, Alabama which is where Harper Lee grew up and drew inspiration from for her classic novel.

Patsy Cline Memorial and Crash Site

Having grown up in Arkansas, I was well aware of the desegregation crisis in Little Rock.  They often say that a picture can say a thousand words.  As a student and a teacher I often looked upon the image of Elizabeth Eckford being taunted as she tried to enter the school and tried to imagine what she must have been thinking.  This is a tour of the grounds of Central High as it exists today, which is stunningly unchanged from 1957.

Birmingham Civil Rights Tour

In my former life as a history teacher, I always included a special unit on the Civil Rights Movement.  Birmingham was a crucial location in that struggle.  Here's a brief tour of Kelly Ingram Park and the Sixteenth Avenue Baptist Church. Try to ignore the leaf blower ( ;

Central High School: The Little Rock Crisis