"Mike was great. He took an individual interest in everyone and provided special care when necessary. It was obvious that he has had a lot of experience with leading groups and was prepared for any type of situation. Fortunately, if there were any serious problems, we didn't see them." 

"Mike absolutely made the trip phenomenal. He knew so much about each of the monuments and memorials. His best ability was the way he could relate to the students and communicate with them. I would highly recommend Mike to other groups."

"Mike was far better than we could have hoped for. He was engaging, humorous, and very informative. We hope to work with Mike again next year."

"Mike is a warm person, capable and reliable. If there were problems en route that he had to deal with, these were certainly not apparent to us. He has a wonderful sense of humor; is gracious, hard working but fun. Kudos."

"I do not think a 10 is an adequate rating for Mike. He is more along the scale of a 20! Mike was by far the best DC tour guide we have ever had. When we left DC my kids were heart broken because we had to leave Mike behind. He great knowledge and personality makes him a hit with everyone."

As a Tour Director, I have strived to create unique and impactful experiences for my guests.  I am passionate about the tours that I organize and you will have me as your personal guide the whole way!  Below are some testimonials that I have received through the years.  I look forward to working with you on your own adventure!

"Mike Fowler was the BEST Program Leader I have ever had! The student were enraptured by him and his knowledge. The next time I go to D.C., I am definitely requesting him. He truly brought history to life."

"Mike was incredible, at every turn he made my students and myself feel wonderfully at ease. His background knowledge was phenomenal. His project based learning techniques were surmountable and hands on. With steady firm accountability he was able to keep our students on topic and engaged. If it rained he was able to add a sunshine to the venue. Because of his pool of contacts Mike was able to get us in ti venues we were not assigned to see. He truly is a dedicated positive light in the field of education."

"Mike is a hard worker and pays attention to all details. He gave us all the information we needed to keep us on schedule and able to prepare for all activities. He showed his concern and care for all in the group, paying special attention to any who needed a bit extra guidance. We were pleased with him and would do another trip with him as leader any time!! In short, he was wonderful!"