Starting the school year off on the right foot is always so important.  It can set the stage for the whole year.  With this activity, students will create a Vision Flag that will capture all their hopes, dreams, and goals for the school year.  Totally fun, creative, and impactful!

Just when you thought it was over, election season is back again!  With it, come the hundreds of ads trying to secure your vote.  This lesson helps students evaluate a variety of vintage election ads based on a series of "Techniques of Influence".

The Salem Witch Trials are some of the most infamous in our history.  This mock trial brings all the fear, hysteria, and drama back to life.  Role sheets are included plus background knowledge and special teacher notes.

We live in a world where people can become an instant celebrity for almost next to nothing.  What would our "revolutionary celebrities" be able to teach about themselves to our modern batch? PDF documents are provided, but if you would like either a Word or Pages document, please email me at

This has always been an enormously popular "getting to know you" activity. Basically, it challenges students to tell who they are through music that has significant meaning to them.  Sometimes it's fun to play a snippet of a song at the beginning of the class and have students try to guess whose it is. Although great at the beginning of the year, it's an activity that is useful year round.

There are lots of screen casting apps out there but Explain Everything has been my "go to" app.

ComicBook allows students to create their own comic books. Fun and easy.

Thinglink lets you tag images with all kinds of media. Check out  "Where's Paul?" for examples

Aurasma is a great app for augmented reality. Lot's of fun and creative uses.

Yup, there's an app for that

In this activity, students go on a QR code based archaeological dig in Jamestown.  They analyze skeletal remains and trash pits to piece together the story. 

With almost two decades of teaching experience, I had some hits and misses with lessons, but here I present some of my "greatest hits"  

Some of the lessons are free of charge while the ones that took a lot more time and effort, I'm peddling out for a small fee.  

Please check back since I'm constantly adding and revising!