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Here are some great articles and blogs about getting the most out of a trip. 


30 best Travel Tips after 4 Years Traveling the World:  

40 Travel Tips from Hard-Traveling TED Staffers

Lonely Planet Top Tips for Safe Travel

Travel Advice from the Pros:

Group travel is a wonderful way to see the world.  Much of the hassle is taken away since you are basically there along for the ride and don't have to worry about some of the common travel headaches.  

There are many choices out there for group travel and it would be impossible to mention them all here, but here are a few that have excellent reputations. 

Adventures by Disney:  This is Disney beyond the parks.  They do trips around the world, providing the "magical" experience that Disney is so well known for.

Collette:  Huge variety of worldwide tours with top notch service.

Globus:  Excellent packages around the world.

Road Scholar: This non-profit group offers a massive variety of educationally based trips.  They have an excellent reputation and have been featured prominently on NPR.

Worldstrides:The premier student tour company.  Fantastic offerings.  If you are a teacher and want to take your students to D.C., Worldstrides is the way to go.

Group Travel: 

If you are anything like me, there are times when you just sit at home and fantasize about getting out and traveling the world.  As a tour director and guide, I'm very lucky that traveling is now part of my job and can help others share the experience of seeing something that they might have always dreamed of.

The videos to the left inspired me greatly and always makes me smile. Matt Harding began his "dancing" around the world videos as a video postcard for friends and family but it soon went viral. I particularly enjoy the 2008 and 2015 videos because they show people around the world dancing with love and joy.  When I interviewed Matt about his experience, he said that despite what the news shows us with constant pain and strife, the world is still a magnificent place filled with beauty. It's there....sometimes we just need to stop and take a look.

It is with that same spirit that I invite you to travel.  Sometimes it takes us out of our comfort zone, so below are some good resources to help you prepare for your next great journey!