Little Paul even has his own travel journal that is available for purchase. Just click on the book below for a preview and ordering information.

Many years ago, Little Paul was given to me by a student as a thank you for our school trip to Boston.  My class told me that I needed to take pictures of him at the historic sites that I visited while road tripping.  I accepted the assignment and through the years, Little Paul has become my one constant traveling buddy. He's actually kind of perfect.  He never needs a potty stop and never asks "Are we there yet?"  

​Little Paul has traveled to well over 100 locations and has met a few celebrities along the way.  His foot was tattoed by Gronkowski on a plane, he cooked with Paula Deen in Savannah, and survived a vampire attack courtesy of novelist Anne Rice.

Below you will find some projects that were created using a terrific app called Thinglink.